The Ultimate Guide to Partying in Bali: Best Beach Clubs, Nightclubs, and Bars

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Bali, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes, is also a premier destination for nightlife and partying. Whether you’re looking for chic beach clubs, pulsating nightclubs, or laid-back bars, Bali offers a diverse range of venues to suit every partygoer’s taste. In this guide, we’ll explore the best places to party in Bali, highlighting must-visit spots for an unforgettable night out.

Section 1: Beach Clubs

Potato Head Beach Club

Location: Seminyak
Description: Potato Head Beach Club is a world-renowned venue featuring a beachfront infinity pool, stylish decor, and an extensive drink menu. It’s the perfect place to relax during the day and enjoy lively music and a vibrant atmosphere as the sun sets.

Ku De Ta

Location: Seminyak
Description: Ku De Ta is one of Bali’s most iconic beach clubs, offering stunning ocean views, gourmet dining, and a sophisticated party scene. Known for its annual events and sunset sessions, Ku De Ta is a must-visit for any party enthusiast.

Finns Beach Club

Location: Canggu
Description: Finns Beach Club boasts multiple pools, swim-up bars, and beachfront daybeds, making it a popular spot for both day and night parties. With international DJs and regular events, Finns is a hotspot for those looking to dance and enjoy Bali’s beach vibe.

Section 2: Nightclubs

Sky Garden

Location: Kuta
Description: Sky Garden is Bali’s largest nightclub, featuring multiple floors, each with its own unique theme and music genre. From rooftop bars to underground dance floors, Sky Garden offers a diverse and electrifying nightlife experience.

Mirror Lounge & Club

Location: Seminyak
Description: Mirror Lounge & Club is renowned for its stunning Gothic architecture and high-energy dance floor. With top-notch sound systems and international DJs, Mirror provides a glamorous and immersive clubbing experience.

La Favela

Location: Seminyak
Description: La Favela is a uniquely designed nightclub with a vibrant jungle and vintage theme. Known for its eclectic decor and lively dance floors, La Favela attracts a diverse crowd and offers a memorable night out.

Section 3: Bars and Pubs

Old Man’s

Location: Canggu
Description: Old Man’s is a laid-back bar located right on Batu Bolong Beach. It’s a great place to start your evening with live music, sunset views, and a relaxed atmosphere. The bar transforms into a lively party venue as the night progresses.

Single Fin

Location: Uluwatu
Description: Single Fin is perched on the cliffs of Uluwatu, offering breathtaking ocean views and a relaxed vibe. Famous for its Sunday sessions, Single Fin is the perfect spot to enjoy drinks, watch the sunset, and dance to live DJ sets.

La Plancha

Location: Seminyak
Description: La Plancha is a colorful beachfront bar known for its vibrant bean bags and bohemian atmosphere. It’s an ideal spot to chill out with friends, enjoy cocktails, and listen to live music while watching the sunset.

Section 4: Unique Party Experiences

Full Moon Parties

Location: Various locations
Description: Bali’s Full Moon Parties are legendary, featuring beach bonfires, fire dancers, and live music. These parties are held monthly during the full moon and offer a magical and unforgettable night under the stars.

Jungle Parties

Location: Ubud and surrounding areas
Description: Jungle Parties in Bali provide a unique experience, with events set deep in the lush rainforests. These parties often feature electronic music, art installations, and a mystical ambiance, perfect for those seeking something different.

Boat Parties

Location: Departing from various ports
Description: Boat Parties offer a thrilling way to party on the water, with stunning coastal views, onboard DJs, and an exhilarating atmosphere. These events are perfect for those looking to combine sightseeing with a vibrant party scene.


Bali’s nightlife scene is as diverse and exciting as the island itself. Whether you prefer beach clubs, nightclubs, bars, or unique party experiences, Bali has something to offer every type of partygoer. As you explore the island’s vibrant nightlife, remember to stay safe, respect local customs, and most importantly, have fun. From sunset sessions to all-night dance parties, Bali promises an unforgettable party experience in paradise.

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