Enhancing Investment Opportunities: Bali’s Infrastructure Development and the G20 Summit

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Infrastructure Development for the G20 Summit

The Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Ministry is spearheading the infrastructure development in Bali to ensure the successful hosting of the G20 Summit. The construction of the VVIP terminal at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport is a crucial component of this effort, with the project progressing steadily since its commencement in March 2022.

Economic Implications for Bali

The infrastructure development in Bali, particularly the construction of the VVIP terminal, carries significant economic implications for the region. As the first point of contact for heads of state and dignitaries attending the G20 Summit, the terminal will serve as the gateway to Bali, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. This heightened visibility not only elevates Bali’s status as a premier destination but also fuels investor interest in the region’s real estate market.

Investment Opportunities in Bali

  1. Real Estate Development: The construction of the VVIP terminal and associated infrastructure projects in Bali signal the region’s emergence as a global hub for business and diplomacy. Investors can capitalize on this momentum by investing in luxury resorts, residential complexes, and commercial properties strategically located near the airport and other key attractions.
  2. Tourism Sector Growth: Bali’s prominence as the host of the G20 Summit is expected to attract a surge in international visitors, driving demand for accommodation, dining, and entertainment establishments. Investing in hotels, villas, and restaurants presents an opportunity to capitalize on the influx of tourists and generate substantial returns on investment.
  3. Infrastructure-Backed Investments: Beyond real estate, investors can explore opportunities in infrastructure-backed investments, such as transportation and logistics projects. The revitalization of existing airport terminals and the construction of aircraft freight forwarding buildings present avenues for investment diversification and long-term growth.

Environmental Sustainability

In line with Indonesia’s commitment to environmental conservation, the infrastructure development in Bali emphasizes sustainability and green initiatives. The integration of eco-friendly practices and “greening” efforts not only enhances the region’s appeal to environmentally conscious travelers but also aligns with global sustainability trends, attracting socially responsible investors to Bali’s real estate market.


As Bali prepares to host the G20 Summit, the region is undergoing a transformative period of infrastructure development and economic growth. The construction of the VVIP terminal at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport serves as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and creating a conducive environment for investment. For investors seeking opportunities in a dynamic market poised for growth, Bali presents an attractive destination with unparalleled potential for real estate investment and development.

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