Family Fun in Bali: Top Activities to Enjoy with Kids

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Bali is not only a haven for adventure seekers and beach lovers but also a fantastic destination for families. With its diverse range of activities and attractions, Bali offers plenty of fun and educational experiences that will keep children entertained and engaged. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best activities to do with kids in Bali, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable family vacation.

Section 1: Animal Encounters

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Location: Gianyar
Description: Bali Safari and Marine Park offers an exciting and educational experience for children. The park is home to over 100 species, including elephants, tigers, and komodo dragons. Families can enjoy safari rides, animal shows, and interactive experiences such as feeding the animals.

Bali Bird Park

Location: Gianyar
Description: Bali Bird Park is a great place for children to learn about various bird species from around the world. The park features interactive feeding sessions, bird shows, and educational displays. Kids will love the opportunity to see and interact with colorful birds in a beautiful garden setting.

Monkey Forest

Location: Ubud
Description: The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud is a magical place where children can observe and interact with playful long-tailed macaques. The forest is also home to ancient temples and lush greenery, making it an exciting adventure for the whole family.

Section 2: Water Fun

Waterbom Bali

Location: Kuta
Description: Waterbom Bali is one of the best water parks in Asia, offering a wide range of slides and attractions suitable for all ages. From thrilling water slides to relaxing lazy rivers, the park provides endless fun for children and adults alike. There are also dedicated areas for younger kids to enjoy.

Finns Recreation Club

Location: Canggu
Description: Finns Recreation Club offers a variety of activities for children, including a water park, trampoline center, bowling alley, and kids’ club. The Splash Water Park features exciting slides and water play areas, while Bounce Bali provides a safe and fun environment for kids to jump and play.

Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon

Location: Padang Bai
Description: Blue Lagoon is a perfect spot for a family snorkeling adventure. The calm, clear waters are ideal for children to explore the underwater world and discover colorful fish and coral reefs. Snorkeling gear can be rented on-site, and guided tours are available for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Section 3: Cultural Experiences

Balinese Dance Classes

Location: Ubud
Description: Introduce your children to Balinese culture through traditional dance classes. Many cultural centers and dance schools in Ubud offer classes for kids, teaching them the basic movements and techniques of Balinese dance. It’s a fun and educational activity that allows children to learn about the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Making Balinese Offerings

Location: Various cultural centers
Description: Participating in a Balinese offering-making workshop is a great way for children to engage with local customs and traditions. These workshops teach kids how to create beautiful offerings (canang sari) using flowers and leaves, providing insight into the spiritual practices of the Balinese people.

Visit to Taman Nusa

Location: Gianyar
Description: Taman Nusa is a cultural park that showcases Indonesia’s diverse cultures and traditions. The park features life-sized replicas of traditional houses, cultural performances, and interactive exhibits. It’s an educational and enjoyable experience for children to learn about the different regions of Indonesia.

Section 4: Adventure and Outdoor Activities

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Location: Bedugul
Description: Bali Treetop Adventure Park offers a thrilling outdoor experience for children of all ages. The park features various circuits with suspended bridges, zip lines, and rope challenges set among the treetops. Safety is a top priority, and the park provides harnesses and safety equipment for all participants.

Rice Terrace Walks

Location: Tegallalang, Ubud
Description: Exploring the rice terraces of Tegallalang is a fun and scenic activity for families. Children will enjoy walking along the paths and learning about traditional rice farming. The lush green landscapes provide a beautiful backdrop for a family adventure.

Quad Biking and ATV Tours

Location: Various locations
Description: For families with older children, quad biking and ATV tours offer an exciting way to explore Bali’s countryside. These guided tours take you through rice fields, villages, and scenic landscapes, providing a thrilling and memorable experience for adventurous families.

Section 5: Creative Activities

Chocolate Making at Pod Chocolate Factory

Location: Mengwi
Description: Pod Chocolate Factory offers a fun and delicious experience for children to learn about chocolate making. Kids can participate in workshops where they learn how to make their own chocolate creations from scratch. The factory also provides a tour of the chocolate-making process, from bean to bar.

Art and Craft Workshops

Location: Ubud, Seminyak
Description: Bali is home to many art and craft studios that offer workshops for children. These workshops allow kids to explore their creativity through activities such as painting, pottery, and batik making. It’s a great way for children to create unique souvenirs and enjoy hands-on learning experiences.

Cooking Classes

Location: Various locations
Description: Enroll your children in a Balinese cooking class where they can learn to prepare traditional dishes using fresh, local ingredients. Many cooking schools offer family-friendly classes that are both fun and educational. Kids will enjoy the hands-on experience of cooking and tasting their own creations.


Bali offers a wealth of activities and attractions that cater to families with children. From thrilling animal encounters and water fun to cultural experiences and creative workshops, there is something for every child to enjoy. By exploring these kid-friendly activities, you can ensure a fun, educational, and unforgettable family vacation in Bali. Embrace the adventure and create lasting memories with your children on this beautiful island.

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